A home for the homeless

The Vast Majority of Children in India are unable to study in schools and are unfortunate to even have a meal a day. They work as laborer for meager wages, and are deprived of all normal facilities and pleasures, which a child, for its age should enjoy. Instead, these child labourers are involved in dangerous and unsuitable work like; packing crackers, breaking stones in quarries, hired as housemaids, rotating cigars etc. To educate one or more of these children, CJM has set up a Comfort Children's Home, to help with their studies, clothing, food and their accommodation.

We currently taking care of  37 orphan and semi orphan children in 2 locations by providing them a nurturing family and home in which to grow. Each child receives access to safe shelter, food nutrition, health services and education. Most important, caring staff acting as parents to the children.

I appeal to you on behalf of these impoverished souls, that we need additional sponsors, who can support us. Your contribution will make a big difference in their lives.

  Every month Needs                                     

1. House Rent      -  INR 5,000    US $ 100

2. Food (600X37)-INR 22,000    US $ 144

3. Medical (100X37) -INR 3700  US $ 74

4. Electricity bill   - INR    1000  US $ 20

5. Water bill         -  INR     500  US $ 10

6. Telephone bill   -  INR    1000  US $ 20

7. Edu. (200X37) -   INR   7400   US $ 148

8. Miss Exp.            -INR  2,500   US $ 50

Total     -                  INR 43,300 US $ 876 approx

Ways To Help

 You can adopt a Child / help to Child  periodically or one time support, You can work as Volunteer, You can be a Prayer Partner .

Giving is the Highest Level of Living. John C. Maxwell

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