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Learn more about India and Pray for India

India is a country with over  1.4 billion  in its population with various sects and languages. There are about 3,000 groups of people in India and they speak more than 1658 languages. Beyond the complexity of languages, exist different religions, variety of cultures and the society is divided by caste together creating a grid of barriers to the spread of the gospel.

India has 30 percent of the world's birth, 20 percent of the world's maternal deaths and 25 percent of the world's child deaths.

Child is a nation's pride. Children constitute 40% of our population . There are over 250 central and state statutes concerning children guaranteeing them a number of fundamental rights. The reality however is horrifying. According to the Asian Labor Monitor , every third household in India has a working child, every fourth child in the age group of 5 to 15 is employed and over 20% of the country's GNP is contributed by child labour. Nearly quarters of the world's child workers are said to be in India . ILO estimates 2 billion child labour in the world are below 15 years of age and the Indian Union Labour Ministry reports that our country's labour force include 44 million children. Children today have no opportunities and are forced to be adults.

A child is born every 2 seconds in India . More than half of India 's children are malnourished. Only 15 to 20 percent of Indian children grow to their full potential.

40 percent of the elderly live below the poverty line and 90 percent are neither covered by any state pension nor have any family to take care of them. There are more than 126 million child labourers in India .

The total population of India consists of 79%-Hindus, 14%-Muslims, 3%-Christians, 2%-Sikhs and 2%-other groups including Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, etc.
Other Facts about India :-
- 28 states and 7 union territories
- 16.29 million population increases every year.
- 31 child are born every one minute
- 16 people are dying every minute (10-12 people are dying without knowing Jesus )
- 14 suicides every hour in India.
-  30 % of Indian population are living in Slums
- 65 % of Indian's are living in rural Village
- 3000 groups of people are in India.
 Requirements for Reaching the Lost in INDIA

Indian's  who have the vision of reaching their own, need to be encouraged. This can be done with relevant training in the ministry, and practical support with our prayers. For this we need your help!

If God places a vision in your heart for India, please pray for us and let us know what you could do for Christ!

Come let us pray, act, and see a great spiritual blessing and change in the lives  of Indian People as they come to the knowledge of the message of Jesus Christ.